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Coaches, Trainers and Facilitators

Latitude Training consists of co-owners, Grant and Emma Hamel.  Both are coaches, trainers and facilitators in their own right, bringing their individual skills together to provide a unique offering. Along with their team of consultants, they help people to succeed on purpose, get better results rapidly and practically through training, coaching and therapy. They believe in empowering others to consciously make better decisions towards achieving their goals, to literally “succeed on purpose”.

Coaches, Trainers and Facilitators

Grant Hamel


Grant Hamel is an International Motivational Speaker and Keynote expert, having spoken and trained in SA, UK, USA, Kenya and Namibia to name but a few.  A major part of the team, Grant inspires others to succeed in a fun energetic way.

Grant is a NLP Trainer, executive coach, and a business consultant. He is a passionate about people and inspiring the best in others, and really does assist others to transform rapidly, practically and sustainably. He is an inspirational speaker and thought leader in his field. He became a leading specialist in strategic facilitation, change management and accelerated transformation through a balance of practical experience in various managerial roles and active research in neuroscience, positive psychology and accelerated human potential technologies. He brings value-based leadership into business with his energetic blend of training, facilitation and coaching.

Grant’s qualifications include a Bachelor of Commerce Honours Degree in Information Systems, a Diploma in Business Management, as well as certificates in Project Management, NLP Trainers through Tad James Co. in the US, Masters and Practitioner and performance coaching. He integrates his passion for people and systems that assists individuals, businesses and corporates to embrace change rapidly and practically in a sustainable way.

Emma Hamel


Emmie HamelEmma Hamel is a Relationship and Wellness Coach. She is deeply inspired by people and most importantly enabling them to see how beautiful they really are. Within the team, she focuses on the importance of communication within companies.

Emma engaged her life’s purpose in 1995 on a workshop by Foundation SA and engaged a journey of self-discovery towards evolving herself, and in so doing helping those around her. She encountered many great trainers along the way, including Denise Linn and John Gray and qualified as a Soul Coach, a Past Life Coach and NLP Practitioner.

She has vast practical experience in many different roles in business, including that of specialist computer trainer, relationship manager in the payments industry and event producer.

A regular on the speaking circuit she also jointly presents various trainings with her husband Grant.

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