Business Linguistics Certification 2017


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Learning Outcomes

On completion of this Business Linguistics Certification training you will …

  • Evolve into a master communicator more effectively and elegantly
  • Know how to change yours and your clients thinking and hence the results being achieved
  • Understand and be able to explain the NLP models, develop behavioural flexibility and develop sensory acuity
  • Understand and demonstrate the skills of Information gathering and encoding
  • Understand, use language filters & patterns and become confident as a hypnotherapist
  • Build rapport rapidly, understand yourself and others more effectively and increase your personal effectiveness
  • Know and apply basic & core NLP techniques & skills
  • Know how to master your own emotions and others

“Excellence comes through a series of small enhancements regularly”

Our business success is based on the decisions that we have made, and this practical NLP training in Business Linguistics gives you a powerful framework of tools and techniques that will raise your level of thinking, enabling you to make even better decisions in the future. This training is specifically for Business Professionals and Achievers who want to take a quantum leap in their business, learn to leverage the most powerful influencing techniques in the world, and become more effective, achieving measurable results in their businesses.

The Module

This Business Linguistics Certification training takes place over 4 months and is made up of 120 hours. This intensive “business” based Certification training is aligned to the world class Tad James training and is a practical detailed training covering 10 modules that equips you with some of the most powerful transformational technology available to mankind.

You establish your knowledge through practical hands on training under the supervision of Grant Hamel who is an NLP Trainer, and then consolidate your skills and techniques through assignments and practical exercises designed to assist you in becoming a master in communications and a highly skilled Business Linguistics Practitioner. This training also provides you with essential for personal and client transformation in all fields including coaching, education and learning, business performance, counselling and group work.


Business Linguistics Certification
(includes SAQA aligned NLP Practitioner Certification)

When: TBA
(every 4th weekend from 9am Sat to 6pm Sun)

Where: Venture Workspace, Brookside Office Park, 11 Imam Haron Rd, Claremont

Cost: R8, 500

Trainer: Grant Hamel (BCom Hons & Certified NLP Trainer)

Note: Training includes manuals

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