IMI Assessments

In today’s business environment, people are expected to keep up with the rapid ongoing changes both within and outside of their organisations. One tool that has been relied upon for many businesses to support change and growth, is assessment profiling.

We have come across an assessment profiling system incorporating 5 lenses – Personal Mastery, Resilience, Social Instincts, Energy Centres and Enneagram. Their model shows us that the more we can understand how we behave, the more we can bring positive change into our lives. Part of their mission statement is:

“We empower people to live their lives less reactively and more consciously in relationship with others so they can see the impact of their decisions and actions and be fully accountable for them.”

Latitude Trainings Accredited Practitioners facilitate a powerful transformation process for both individuals and teams. Beginning with an online questionnaire, a report is compiled which details the findings and indicates the drivers behind the behaviours, and shows the strengths and areas of growth. In a team-building scenario, facilitated discussions can lead to the resolution of conflict situations and can demonstrate how the team can work productively, and in individuals, a greater understanding of self leads to greater self-acceptance and a clearer way forward.

3 Step IMI Assessment Process:

1.      Online assessment completed by the individual.
This involves completing a 1 hour online series of questions (and can be completed in 15 min blocks at a time)

2.      Production of a written report.
The Integrated Mastery Index (IMI) is a granulated report on individual and team response and behaviour patterns, given through five lenses: Personal Mastery, Emotional Resilience, Social Instincts, Energy Centres, Enneagram Patterns.

3.      Coaching Debrief – Skype or Face 2 Face.
This is a 1 hour process that allows the individual to clearly see the areas highlighted by the report of what is working, what’s not working and also provides self-coaching questions of areas to go develop.

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