Betrapreneurship …. Improving things through taking risks and profit with disruptive innovation. The word “Betra” means to improve or to better and “preneur” means one who takes. Entrepreneurship is one who takes risks and takes profits Intrapreneurship is one who innovatively takes risks and profits within large organisations.

Betrapreneurship is thus the process driven by a person who improves things through taking risks and profits with disruptive innovation. They are the innovators, thought leaders and drivers in the modern world and are the trend leaders who makes things happen. There appears to not be much different between the entrepreneur and the betrapreneur, yet if we look at the attached article we see that it about disruptive innovation, world trend leadership (both in thought and practical application) and professional future crafting and shaping.

Talk about changing the world through disruptive innovation, this is what the betrapreneur does and we have seen the likes of Mark Shuttleworth, Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg and many more already fit this mold, and so this wonderful innovative process is touching our world and challenges us to step up and be a part of disruptive technology, business and trends … Not for the sake of disruption but because logically, and instinctively this is what best serves us ….

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