Changing the world from within, making an impact and creating innovation within large business organisations is within our reach.


Intrapreneurship is the act of behaving like an entrepreneur while working within a large organisation. Many leaders within companies want to make a difference and they do, and are truly our new intrapreneurs making an impact.


I was surprised at how few business people had actually heard of the term intrapreneurship and despite the term being used from as early as 1978, and gaining popularity into dictionaries by 1992, it has only really started to become a popular term in 2014. The first Intrapreneurship Conference in the world is still to be held on 10 Dec 2014 and shares that Intrapreneurship is the most powerful engine for growth. With innovation being priority #1, how are you implementing and leveraging innovation from within? And shares how we need Intrapreneurship if we are to succeed our businesses in the modern world and shares why Intrapraneurship is so critical.



Richard Branson’s website League of Intrapreneurs shares that “The League of Intrapreneurs is a global movement of corporate change-makers working to transform business from the inside out.” They talk about being a cubicle warrior, and a warrior is someone who shows up for battle, who makes a difference and who really does change the world.



There is an amazing uTube clip by Gib Bulloch – Be the Change You Want to See in Your Company shares on Tedx how a small change can make a huge impact in companies and into Social Entrepreneurship, and how being a value creator is the difference that makes the difference. My previous blog article on Betrapreneurship also captures the essence of being a change agent through disruptive innovation. Ghandi shared that you need to “Be the change you want to see in the world”

And so in conclusion the modern world needs Entrepreneurs, it needs Intrapreneurs, and it needs Betrapreneurs. How will you show up in 2015 and further into the future? What impact will you have on the world? What difference will you make? And are you truly living the change you want to see in your business?

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