Is there a difference between Neuroplasticity and Neurogenetics?

The question starts some thinking about what is Neuroplasticity? And what is Neurogenetics?
In a nutshell neuroplasticity is about the changes in the neural pathways and neurogenetics is about where the neurons and neural pathways are formed. These two fields are quite closely interlinked yet worlds apart. I’m not sure the question does the subject justice, so wouldn’t it be great to explore it a little further? Perhaps the real question to ask is what is the impact of these two fields? How can we use our understanding of neuroscience and brain based research to our advantage? What difference does it make in our lives?
I’m mindful that good questions lead to better questions and that questions in themselves are a way to access our unconscious minds, as shared by Noah St. John in “The book of Afformations“. So our exploration needs to look deeper at how it is currently being leveraged in the world.
Dr David Rock took brain-based research and neuroscience combined with leadership into his SCARF model, and perhaps points us the right direction towards applying our knowledge of these fields to positively influence others (and ourselves for that matter). A few exceptional human beings that I have know have pointed me to each of these topics, both of whom recovered rapidly and with little or no side affects from Bell’s Palsy leveraging their personal understanding of neuroplasticity and neurogenetics.
In my work with Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) and the neuroscience research that I conduct I have become convinced that the only thing holding us back from creating the life that we desire is a limitation of our beliefs. We are motivated by pleasure and pain, and it is by far more powerful to focus on moving towards pleasure, than it is to stay stuck in running away from pain.
My conclusion is that whether there is a difference or not in neuroplasticity and neurogentics, the reality is that it helps us to change our belief system. i.e. to one that we can regrow our neural pathways, we can change and overcome negative habits and addictions and that the neural pathways are both wired and created for change.
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