New Year’s resolutions. We all make them. We all start the new year fired up with energy, passion and enthusiasm, determined that this will be the year we finally make the changes we need to, and make them last.

And yet despite our very best intentions, we soon find our willpower fading and our enthusiasm waning, and just a few short weeks into the year, we’re right back where we always were. Stuck in a rut, making the same familiar mistakes, our energy low and our motivation gone. And as the daily grind wears us down a little more at a time, we wonder if we’re even capable of the change we so desperately yearn for, or if we should just accept our fate, and settle for mediocrity.

The immediate answer is NO! Don’t settle. Don’t surrender to inactivity, don’t lose hope and don’t ever give up on your dreams. If you think of yourself as average, that’s exactly what you’ll be. But if you think of yourself as someone with unique strengths, capable of harnessing them to reach your goals, go beyond your limits and surpass your expectations, you won’t just be living your best life – you’ll be leaving a legacy of fulfillment, success and purpose as well.

It’s a journey every one of us capable of making, it’s a path every one of us is capable of walking, and it starts with two words. Personal mastery.

What is Personal Mastery?

Simply put, personal mastery is the degree to which we are able to overcome negative patterns of behaviour for our own benefit. We all think in a certain way, we all act in a certain way – and if our thoughts and behaviours aren’t moving us forward, they are patterns that no longer serve us, and ultimately keep us from achieving a higher level of personal mastery. If, however, we are able to think and act in ways that help us to grow, to transform, and to succeed, then we are actively mastering not just ourselves but our destiny as well.

The Six Areas of Personal Mastery

So, how do you know where you rate on the scale? At Latitude Training, we look at six areas when evaluating your current level of personal mastery:

  1. Self-Acceptance: Do you see yourself in a positive light, feel a sense of personal achievement, face challenges head-on and learn from your experiences? Or do you hide the truth about yourself out of a sense of shame and embarrassment?
  1. Directed Passion: How driven are you to succeed in your work and personal life? Are you strongly self-motivated and passionate about your career and interests, or does your work leave you feeling disinterested and unenthusiastic?
  1. Acceptance of Reality: Are you able to accept and embrace change, and make the best of any situation, or does a lack of control leave you feeling dissatisfied and frustrated?
  1. Curiosity: Do you constantly ask questions, look for answers, and enjoy learning new things? Or do you feel that you already have all the answers and knowledge you need?
  2. Impact on Others: Are connections with others important to you? Do you regularly interact with people and look to them for support, or do you prefer to keep to yourself and take care of any issues on your own?
  1. Global Connection: How significant is the feeling of being part of something greater than yourself? Do you feel a need to be connected to humanity as a whole, or are you more comfortable being part of an exclusive group?

Knowing your own level of personal mastery based on these six areas will be able to give you a deeper understanding of where you currently are in life – both highlighting the strengths you can build on, and uncovering any developmental areas that may be holding you back. And armed with this information, you’ll be able to go forward and effect the lasting, positive change you’ve been looking for.

Start Mastering your own Destiny Today

At Latitude Training, we’re committed to helping you develop your strengths, evolve past your weaknesses and connect to your highest level of potential. And one of the ways we’re doing that this year is by conducting FREE Assessments to gauge your current level of personal mastery, and help you to move beyond it.

If you want to rediscover your passion and drive, if you want to become more effective and more productive, if you want to understand your thoughts and behaviours on a deeper level, or if you want to transform your life in ways you never thought possible, then a FREE assessment is the perfect place to start. Click here to read more.

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