Stop Procrastinating and Make Money Now is truly about taking control and responsibility for your life. When clients come see me as a Performance Coach to help them to stop procrastinating the first think I ask them is “How do you personally procrastinate” and they either tell me, they were thinking about it, or they tell me that they get overwhelmed by everything that they need to do.

So the quickest way to stop procrastinating is to adopt the NIKE slogan, just do it and to break down the task into small enough chunks. If you are still procrastinating then you merely haven’t take action or the chunk is still too big.

You are 100% responsible for your life, this does not mean to blame, but it does mean that you are then 100% able to respond and to change things that are not working for you. I believe that life is about CAUSE and EFFECT, and that you are either at CAUSE and getting RESULTS or you are in EFFECT and telling a STORY. We modelled Nelson Mandela before he died and one of the things that he shared was that true freedom lies in the moment between stimulus (cause) and response (effect). So instead of reacting to the external world he realised that he had a choice to pause and rather respond as he chose from his internal world. And we can do the same, finding our own personal Freedom Charter.

We all know how to make money, yet how few of us actually have the riches that we desire, the freedom to do the things that we want to and the financial independence that gives us the peace of mind that we desire. They main reason that we don’t have what we want is because of our belief system.
If you believed that you could make real money now, then you would be taking the action that is required, and leverage the resources that you need in order to make it happen. Yet, we are all sabotaged by our unconscious beliefs and limit ourselves in our success in life. I know you can change this. Why because I have done it for myself and have helped my clients do the same. You need to adopt a new money mindset if you are to generate the type of wealth that you seek. We modelled millionaires and then put together a summary of their beliefs, if you are to succeed you need to adopt these new beliefs.
The first step is to leverage the quantum law of manifestation, which states that you need to vibrate at the right level in order to attract that which you wish to manifest. I am a skeptic as a scientist, yet as I proved this to myself through a mere 15 minute a day meditation/contemplation on that which I wanted, I was left with no choice but to accept that for me this law was irrefutably true. Just to clarify, if you wish to manifest a new car, you contemplate on a new car every day until such time as you manifest the car. It takes 21 days to form a habit and thereafter it becomes a natural habit to do your daily reflection first thing each morning. What amazed me about this process was that as I reflected/contemplated/meditated suddenly the most amazing “coincidences” started to occur and offers and opportunities started to manifest in all shapes and forms. Now the journey was far from smooth and life has a marvellous way of testing your determination and mettle, so it is up to you to persevere.
The next step is to find an income generating vehicle, and as our wise financial planners and gurus teach us it could be in any of the four money generating mechanisms, equity (shares), business, property or money markets (cash). I believe that the quickest way to generate wealth in the modern world is through your own business in the format of a franchise or MLM (multi-level marketing) because it is a system that someone else has taken years to develop and build and iron out all the kinks and if you choose wisely, you will also be able to succeed and make your fortune. No matter what income generating vehicle you choose to generate your wealth, you need to start today, keep doing it, be flexible in your approach and always open to learning.
Then the final step is to ensure that you understand the 3 laws of abundance, simple put, attract, manage and give away your money, creating a flow of money around you. You need to study money, understand it, become literate in finance and make sure that you focus with intention. You cannot be anyone but yourself, so stay true to who you are and may you find your light, express your potential and succeed on purpose.
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